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Carp : Above and Below Pt

Welly WhackersThe underwater world always fascinates carp anglers, and in this exciting new series we don the snorkels and have a look at bait presentations, tactics, how rigs behave and also see some stunning carp footage of the creatures that we love in their natural environment.

Awesome Underwater Footage
Part 1 of Carp: Above and Below sees the team venture out to the awesome Abbey Lakes complex in northern France where the fish are pretty clued up and the water very clear. Join Rob Hughes and pals Jon “Shoes” Jones (aka The Trickster) and Lee Croson on a fantastic session where the lads catch some incredible fish giving their tactics for success.

We investigate the deadly “parachute bag” method and see exactly why it is so successful with slo –mo underwater footage of what happens when your rig hits the bottom. In addition we look at a fantastic stringer presentation with a twist, and also how to get the best from your hook link set ups. It’s enlightening stuff and Rob manages to land a stunning 57lb Abbey mirror in the process showing his tactics are bang on.

Tips from the British Champs.
The 2008 British Carp Angling Champions Jon Finch and Ian Poole join us to give an insight into some of the strategies and baits that netted them the top prize in UK Carp angling and bag a 40lb common and a 50lb mirror in the process. Finchy has been out to Abbey a few times before and applies his wide range of knowledge but it’s Pooleys first trip so we can see the approach from two different angles and how successful these boys can be.

Advanced Bait Boat Use
The is no question that using a bait boat can increase your success, and Viper’s Keith Williams lets you in on some of the advanced ways you can use a boat. We look at the use of bait boats, how they drop their bait, what the presentation looks like and also some advanced tips and tricks to give you an edge.

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