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DVD Sales

In addition to the production of DVD’s we also assist in the promotion and marketing of our dvds.
Here are a couple of our current titles which can be purchased directly from us using our secure online purchasing service run through Paypal.

CARP : Above and Below - Part 1
  CARP : Above and Below Part 1  

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Awesome Underwater Footage
Part 1 of Carp: Above and Below sees the team venture out to the awesome Abbey Lakes complex in northern France where the fish are pretty clued up and the water very clear. Join Rob Hughes and pals Jon “Shoes” Jones (aka The Trickster) and Lee Croson on a fantastic session where the lads catch some incredible fish giving their tactics for success.

We investigate the deadly “parachute bag” method and see exactly why it is so successful with slo–mo underwater footage of what happens when your rig hits the bottom.

In addition we look at a fantastic stringer presentation with a twist, and also how to get the best from your hook link set ups. It’s enlightening stuff and Rob manages to land a stunning 57lb Abbey mirror in the process showing his tactics are bang on. READ MORE

Rob Hughes and Steve Briggs need no introduction. They are two of the highest profile anglers in the world and guys that are accomplished in fishing some biggest and hardest lakes known to man.

Extreme Carp USA takes big water carping to the maximum when the lads visit up state New York to take on the might of the St Lawrence and the absolutely huge Lake Ontario which is measured in square miles not acres.

Rob and Steve go through the tactics required to catch fish on these wild waters, look at rigs and rig behavior underwater, and even take to the skies and go underwater  in their search for carp.

Extreme Carp USA is an instructional, thought provoking, awe inspiring and entertaining look at big water carp fishing and is a must for anyone’s dvd collection.

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